Why invest in Romania: State Aid schemes and EU Funds
June 19, 2018
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Why to invest in our country: Tax advantages in Romania

After joining the European Union in January 2007, Romania went through a series of government reforms in order to satisfy the conditions of EU membership. Romania is now a market with excellent potential, a strategic location, and an increasingly solid business climate.

Romanian economy is among the EU’s fastest growing members, with a 2.8% growth in real Gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014, 3.8% growth for 2015, a near 4% GDP growth in 2016 and an impressive 8.6% for 2017, primarily driven by consumption and investment.

Romania continue to be attractive on fiscal side, with one of Europe’s friendliest tax regimes: corporate income and personal income tax are one of the lowest in Europe.

For example, the standard profit tax rate is 16% for Romanian companies and foreign companies operating through a permanent establishment in Romania. Resident companies are taxed on their worldwide income, unless a double tax treaty stipulates otherwise. Non-resident companies are taxed on all income derived from Romanian taxpayers, regardless of whether the services are rendered in Romania or abroad.

Also, micro-entreprises with at least one employee apply 1 per cent tax rate, which attracts small and medium foreign investors. The condition for a company to be considered a micro-company is to have a maximum revenue at the end of the previous year of 1 million euros. Also, since 1 of January 2018, all the previous exceptions under which certain companies were not considered micro-companies (i.e. the capital limit, the industry etc.) have been repealed.

In this moment, micro-entreprises can opt once for applying profit tax if they fulfil both of the following conditions:

  • have a subscribed share capital of at least 45,000 RON;
  • have at least two employees.

Key tax advantages in 2018:

· State aid schemes and EU Funds continue to be some of the most advantageous sources for financing strategic investments;

· Ten percent flat tax rate (10%) for residents and non-residents;

· Many areas of income are exempt from taxation in Romania;

· Generally, interest is subject to a 10 percent tax rate and dividends are taxed at 5%;

·  Income from sale of real estate properties is non-taxable if the property is valued at less than 450.000 lei (aprox. 100.000 Euros);

· Labour costs are still competitive in Romania, despite the highest increase in the EU;

· The profit tax due for nightclubs and gambling operations is either 5% of the revenue obtained from such activities or 16% of the taxable profit, whichever is higher;

· The double taxation treaties signed by Romania with various countries, delivering fiscal benefits by tax reductions, labour related incentives and other incentives for the purpose of attracting investments;

· An important potential for accelerated growth in the following years;·

· The fast growing of IT sector – good quality and size of the IT workforce, with thousand and thousands of specialists.

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